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An opportunity for research projects in Poland to be refunded

I would like to announce that the Government of Poland and the European Union economically support entrepreneurs in developing their research and development activities (project budget could be refunded even up to 85%). Since the beginning of the financial perspective 2007-2013, Poland has become the largest recipient of support under Cohesion Policy in the history of the European Union. In the financial perspective 2014-2020 the support is expected to be even stronger – the expected budget €72.9bn. There are many programs planned with small and medium-sized enterprises as its main target with the priority focused among others on:

  • Research and development of modern technologies
  • R&D infrastructure
  • Capital for innovation
  • Investments in innovative undertakings
  • Diffusion of innovation
  • Polish economy on the international market

The programs very well suit the needs of further acceleration of adoption of the OPC Unified Architecture as innovative integration technology. On the grounds of my experience I have prepared a series of articles (an exploration catalog) on the new scope of applications where OPC UA shall be recognized as a prerequisite. All of them have the common title pattern “OPC UA Makes <it> Possible”. This set of examples is an attempt to define the target scope for new R&D infrastructure or innovative undertakings. I described this concept in the article titled OPC Unified Architecture: Enabler of Future Solutions.

Additionally, Polish industry seeks for new innovative solutions aimed at improving economy by optimizing process control. One of the examples is the project Smart Heat Distribution System for Warsaw. My team has provided the feasibility study for this solution. As far as I know the project will start soon and the concept will be implemented over a few next years. We are also currently working on implementation of the Smart Factory concept at Japan Tobacco International.

Concluding, I would like to inform that undertaking common business activities together with Polish companies could be very beneficial as the result of:

  • Very strong support of research innovative projects by refunding their budgets up to 85%
  • A ready to be implemented vision of the research activities with the goal of working on new innovative application areas having global applicability and potential profitability
  • Real industry enquiries to apply the result of research outcomes mentioned above

Do not miss this opportunity. Let benefit from the synergy effect together – you will be welcome to Poland. To get more and obtain a document containing answers to frequently asked questions send me your expressions of interest.

About Mariusz in the OPC Foundation:

Since 2004 Mariusz has been a member of the OPC Foundation. As publications author and member of working groups: Europe Technology Expert, Early Adopter, Analyzer Device Interface, Acceleration Adoption, Mariusz is involved in projects related to the development of the tools and the information model for Analytical Devices released as a companion specification.

Mariusz is a Country Representative for OPC Europe.

Mariusz Postol, Ph.D. Eng.